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Pazhou Complex Canton fair

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• Pazhou Complex
Pazhou ComplexChina Export Commodities Fair (CECF) started to use Pazhou Complex in the 95th CECF held in April 2004, and now two sessions of CECF are held simultaneously in both Pazhou Complex and Liuhua Complex every year.

The first stage project of Pazhou Complex covers a ground area of 430,000 square meters with the structural area of 395,000 square meters. With 13 exhibition halls on the first and second floors, Pazhou Complex has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, being the largest exhibition center in Asia. The Complex has been in operation since the end of 2002.

- Pazhou Complex Functions of the Exhibition Halls
CECF (Pazhou) Complex now has 16 indoor exhibition halls, which covers 160000m2, and can be separated into 10200 exhibition spaces. The outdoor exhibition sites near the river covers 22000m2.
The exhibition hall of the ground floor is 13 meters high and that of the second floor is 8.89 to 19 meters high. It can provide a supreme high space for all kinds of exhibitions. In the five huge halls on the second floor, there are no poles, even when each hall covers about 10000m2. There are only several poles in the eight halls on the ground floor, which is convenient for disposing the exhibition. The weight for each square meter to bear is five tons and 1.5 tons for the ground floor and the second floor. Besides, there are opening entrances and exits in both of the south and north sides, therefore the exhibition halls can be united for exhibitions as well as separated.

- Pazhou Complex Square
The square of CECF (Pazhou) Complex covers an area of 22000m2. It integrates into nature perfectly for its 48.7% virescence.

- Pazhou Complex Pearl Promenade
The centre of the main building is designed to be Pearl Promenade that serves as the main passage to the exhibition sites. It is 450-meter long and 30-meter wide. There are lifts, elevators and stairs every 90 meters. Vertical to the Pearl Promenade, there is a Terminal Promenade in the east of the main building, whose function is to ensure the parking space for large number of incoming vehicles.

Exhibition space
There are 13 exhibition halls, which total area is 130,000 square meters. In addition, there is an outdoor exhibition area, which area is 22,000 square meters.
The clear height of the first floor is 13 meters. The clear height of the second floor is 8.89~19 meters. These are enough for exhibition of high commodities such as sailboat.
The five 10,000 square meter exhibition halls on the second floor are designed as non-column exhibition halls.
There are very few columns in each of the eight 10,000 square meter exhibition halls on the first floor.
The load-carrying capacity of the first and the second floor is 5t/m2 and 1.35t/m2 respectively. This is more than enough for exhibition of heavy-duty machines.
The northern and southern sides of each exhibition halls are designed as open gates. These exhibition halls could be used all together or separately according to exhibition's scale.

1. First Floor Exhibition Halls
There are eight 10,000 square meters exhibition halls on the first floor. The clear height of the first floor is 13 meters.
The load-carrying capacity of the first floor is 5t/m2.
2. Second Floor Exhibition Halls
There are five 10,000 square meters exhibition halls on the second floor. The clear height of the second floor is 8.89~19 meters. The load-carrying capacity of the first floor is 1.35t/m2.
3. Outdoor Exhibition Area
22,000 square meters?outdoor exhibition area

- Traffic
Scientific, reasonable traffic system allows effective distribution of visitor and goods flow.

Convenient traffic for visitors
There is a Pearl Promenade, which is 450 meters long, 30 meters wide, and with an elevation of 8 meters, set up in the exhibition hall in the east-west direction. With elevators, escalators, stairs and other 4 vertical transportation facilities set up in the 90-meter space between units, the visitor transportation is smooth even when all exhibition halls are under use.

Smooth transportation for goods
There are several 10-meter-wide roads set up in all directions of the exhibition hall. Vehicles loaded with goods for exhibition can be driven directly to the exhibition booths on each floor.

Supporting Service
1. Business centers, service counters, banks, customs, post offices, travel agencies, restaurants, and ticket centers are set up along the Pearl Promenade.
Chinese Food, Western-style Food, Fast Food.
2. Large parking area provides 1,800 indoor parking lots.
3. Large parking area provides 400 outdoor parking lots.
4. Meeting Rooms
5. Advertisement Facilities
Light box, electric screen, outdoor advertisement board and other advertisement facilities can meet exhibitioner's demands on advertisement.

- Intellectualized Facilities
Advanced administration center: Equipped with a series of intellectual systems including building automatic control system, fire-distinguishing system, security system (close-circuit monitors, invasion inspection, door lock and night patrol), communication and network system, and parking control system, the administration center realizes a centralized control through its overall information management system.
Siphoning type rain discharging system on the roof: This system is the most advanced rainwater-discharging system in the world. It gives no influence on the overall effect of the building, and can collect and discharge rain water very quickly.
Respiring widows: The ventilation system can adjust the opening degree of windows according to the data it gathered on internal and external humidity and temperature. That's why these windows are called "respiring windows?

- Human Concerned Facilities
Comprehensive and clear guiding system: The guiding system design based on ergonomics and viewing habits of human being is an advanced,(and) scientific system. With the specially designed guiding cards or boards, visitors can easily find wherever he/she wants to go
Scientific, reasonable space partition: The internal and external walls of exhibition halls are painted to be blue, red, and other colors for clear partition and visual effect.
No-barrier design: There are passes and washrooms specially designed for the the disabled in the exhibition hall.

- Ecological concerned Environment
With a high green rate of 48.7%, the entire exhibition center is in perfect harmony with nature.
The Water Park, which is a park with a theme of "getting closer to Pearl River? stands at the bank of Pearl River, neighboring the exhibition center. It is 1.3 kilometers long, 66 meters wide, with an area over 80,000m2. The central part of the park is an open water area of 40,000 m2. Here you can find 9 green lands with different sizes. The eastern and western parts of the park are planted with large area of Taiwan Acacia. With a unique design, this park can be considered a transitional area between the romantic, abstract, modern style exhibition center and the mother river of Guangzhou, Pearl River.
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