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Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
President Hotel, Guangzhou
Imperial Traders Hotel,Guangzhou
South America Grand Hotel,Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tianyue hotel
Guangzhou Good International Hotel
Royal Marina Plaza ,Guangzhou
Oriental Resort Guangzhou
River Rhythm Hotel ,Guangzhou
Grand Peak Hotel, Guangzhou
Cheerful Hotel Guangzhou
Landmark International Hotel Science City ,Guangzhou
Crowne Plaza City Centre ,Guangzhou
Winton Hotel,Guangzhou

Food Art of Guangzhou

• In Guangzhou, you can not only eat genuine dishes and refreshments of Guangdong and the delicacies of many countries and areas in the world but also taste the delicious food of all parts of china.

• For occupying a position in Guangzhou, the catering enterprises of major provinces and municipalities have started catering business in Guangzhou in the recent decade. Sichuan cuisine, Shangdong cuisine, Jiangxi cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Anhui cuisine, Beijing cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine and northeast cuisine are all found in catering enterprises in Guangzhou, such as Sichuan Restaurant. Hunan Restaurant, shanghai Restaurant, Northeast Restaurant, Shandong Restaurant, Xinjiang Uygur Restaurant. Ningxia Hui Nationality Restaurant, Moslem Restaurant, Huangguoshu Guizhou Flavor Restaurant, Weihu Mountain Restaurant and North Dumpling Restaurant. You can also eat delicious Xinjiang roasted lamb, Beijing roasted duck, Hangzhou beggar's chicken, Hunan soy stewed meat, Fujian soy stewed abalone, etc. in Guangzhou. So to speak, you can eat every Chinese cuisine in Guangzhou.

• Western-style food business is subject to great influence of foreign countries. Foreign merchants (restaurants of western-style food, French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine) stared to open chain fast food Restaurant in Guangzhou from the 90s of the last century. The western-style food Restaurants provide western-style food of the flavors of all continents of the world. Some Restaurants such as Green Mattress Court, Green Island and Pleasant Scenery have opened chain stores. The Restaurants have romantic layout and elegant and comfortable environment. In addition, Japanese sushi, South Korean cuisine, North Korean cuisine, Vietnam cuisine, MacDonald's, Kentucky and pizza hut also have chain stores. You can eat western delicacies such as American Boston lobster, German salty pig's feet, Portuguese egg cake, Australian abalone, New Zealand lamb steak and Spanish sole fish. Various western foods add much color to "eating in Guangzhou "and provide a variety of choices to young people who pursue novelty. Chinese and foreign delicacy eaters who do business, study, go on a tour and go vacationing in Guangzhou can find the food they love. "You can eat the delicacies of the whole world without leaving Guangzhou.

Cantonese Cuisine

Cantonese cooking combines Canton-, Chao Zhou-and Dong Jiang-(Ke Jia) style dishes and is probably the finest of China's four famous cuisines. The typical menu in Guangzhou is rich with the many unique flavors of the Pearl River Delta and features special recopies from Beijing, Sichuan, Jiangsu. Shandong, Zhejiang and other parts of China and the world. The many fresh ingredients on offer include fresh seafood, chicken, duck, beef and pork and even birds, snakes and mice. Field vegetables and flowers are also popular ingredients in Cantonese cooking. The delicious end result of Cantonese people's lengthy Wuo Qi cooking times is food that retains its fresh taste and original flavor. In Guangzhou, each season has its own different style of dishes and ingredients. In summer, there are various kinds of congee and soup to help people to cool down, while autumn, it is the perfect time to enjoy delicious crab and snake dishes. In winter and spring, people tend to choose stronger flavoured dishes which are known to improve bodily functions.

Photo of Guangzhou Food

Lobster Roasted duck Guangzhou snacks
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