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Canton Hotels Guangzhou

Ocean Plaza Apartment Guangzhou
Rihang Hotel, Guangzhou
 Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou
QiFu Resort Center GuangZhou
Globelink Hotel, Guangzhou
Guangdong Foreign Business Club & Hotel
NanFang YiYuan Hotel Guangzhou
♦ Guangzhou Longzhou hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou Longzhou  hotelThe hotel has quiet and comfortable environment, and convenient transportation. It is adjacent to Tianhe north road which is the most prosperous business center. It costs 15 minutes by driving from Pazhou exhibition hall and Liuhau exhibition hall, 40 minutes by driving from Guangzhou Baiyun airport, and 10 minutes by driving from Guangzhou east railway station. - Guangzhou Longzhou hotel is a business hotel, which locates on Shuiyin road of culture and arts circle at Guangzhou. The hotel which is adjacent to Tianhe road, has quiet and comfortable environment, and convenient transportation. It has 155 rooms of various types and all the rooms have free broadband internet access, seperate bath room, digital televition set and private safe.

♦ East Star Hotel ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
East Star Hotel ,GuangzhouThe hotel is located in No.3 Zhennan Road, Guantang Village, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City, in the interchange of Hua'nan express export. Hotel adjacent to Guangzhou Chime-long Paradise, Xiangjiang animal world, Country Garden hotel and Guangzhou Agile Hotel. It's 15 minutes' driving from the Guangzhou International Exhibition Center. - East Star Hotel ,Guangzhou is a leisure business hotel built according to our star standard by Guangzhou East Star Hotel Management Company Limited. The hotel is located in the interchange of Hua'nan express export.

♦ Colorful Days Hotel ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Colorful Days Hotel ,GuangzhouThe hotel is located in Dongdu International Food Street. Zoo metro station is in front of hotel. It is 2-minute-driving from Tianhe Sports Center, Guangzhou East Railway Station and 8-minute-driving from Pazhou Complex and Guangzhou Railway Station. - Guangzhou Colorful Days Hotel, a boutique business hotel, is ideally located at Dongdu Grand World International Food Street, No.475 of Huanshi Road, one of the most prosperous commercial areas of Guangzhou.

♦ Guangzhou Sanyu Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou Sanyu HotelDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 3.59km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):3.05km; distance from railway station: 5.86km, distance from east railway station:6.36km; distance from new baiyun airport:35.11km; distance from pazhou exhibition:9.24km, distance from liuhua exhibition:5.01km - As a large foreign three-star-rated hotel, Guangzhou Sanyu Hotel is engaging in receiving meetings, groups, tourists and commercial activities.

♦ Wellgold Hotel Guangzhou Pazhou Branch ☆☆☆
Wellgold Hotel Guangzhou  Pazhou BranchDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 10.69km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):8.45km; distance from railway station: 17.25km, distance from east railway station:10.32km; distance from new baiyun airport: 38.31 km; distance from pazhou exhibition:1.3km, distance from liuhua exhibition:18.2km Canton fair period take by bus about 180RMB, about 50 minutes - Peach Blossom River Hotel locates on No.84 Xingang East Rd. It is a business hotel with modern and new concept. This hotel is near the Guangzhou International center so that the guests could have convenience in attending the exhibition center. Integrating the catering, accommodation and business, this hotel could be the best choice for the guests.

♦ Guangzhou Mandarin Spring Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou Mandarin Spring Hotelhotel located in bustling business center LuoxiXincheng in Panyu District. It's very convenient ,lean side the 105 national highway, near Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Chime-Long Resort, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park. It's only 2 min by bus from Metro Train Line 3 at the xia-jiao station. - Guangzhou Mandarin Spring Hotel is a new boutique business hotel located in bustling business center LuoxiXincheng in Panyu District. It's very convenient ,lean side the 105 national highway, near Pazhou International Exhibition Center, Chime-Long Resort, Xiangjiang Safari Park, Guangzhou Crocodile Park. It's only 2 min by bus from Metro Train Line 3 at the xia-jiao station.

♦ Spring Time Hotel - Zhujiang New Town‏ ☆☆☆
Spring Time Hotel - Zhujiang New Town‏33km from New Baiyun International Airport; 0.3 km from Pearl River New City walking street; 0.4 km metro line 5; 3 km from the East Railway Station 2 km from the Tianhe Sports Center - .

♦ Ramada Plaza Guangzhou ☆☆☆☆
Ramada Plaza GuangzhouLocated in the bustling Tianhe Commercial Circle, adjacent to both express way, railway station. 15minutes drive from Pazhou and Liuhua Trading Center, 5 minutes from the Beltway exit, 30minutes from the Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport. - Ramada Plaza Guangzhou is one of the members of Ramada International Hotel and Resorts. It is the first operating hotel named by international hotel and resorts brand in the Tianhe District. The hotel is close to Tianhe CBD, which is the most flourishing business center of Guangzhou. Thus the hotel has convenient traffic surroundings.

♦ Jia He Hotel - Guangzhou ☆☆
Jia He Hotel - Guangzhou-To Guangzhou East Railway Station:13 km -To Guangzhou Railway Station:9.3 km -To New Baiyun International Airport:21 km - The hotel covers an area of 30,000 square meters, is one of the most iconic quasi-three-star hotel.The hotel is close to the Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area, International Exhibition Center, New Baiyun International Airport and subway stations.

♦ Vanguard Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Vanguard Hotel, GuangzhouDistance from Baiyun International Airport:50km; Distance from Beijing Shopping Street, the city center:24km; Distance from Guangzhou Railway Station:30km; Distance from Guangzhou East Railway Station:20km; Distance from Fangyu Government :12km; - Vanguard Hotel has 230 deluxe rooms including business suite, CEO suite, superior room and standard room, ect. It is equipped with LCD TV and Internet broadband access. The comfortable environment, complete facilities, luxury decorations are all prepared for people's satisfaction.

♦ Ying Ge Hai Holidays Hotel Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Ying Ge Hai Holidays Hotel GuangzhouGuangzhou University City: 5 minutes drive; City center: 18 minutes drive; Guangzhou New Railway Station( South Station): 10 minutes drive; East Railway Station: 20 minutes drive; Baiyun International Airport: 40 minutes dirve; The former site of Huangpu(Whampoa) Military Academy: 15 minutes drive; Pazhou Complex: 6 minutes drive - Yinggehai Holiday Inn, Guangzhou is located in the graceful ecological scenic spot- Ten thousands of Garden, which is near to Pazhou Complex, Yingzhou ecological park and Changlong Happy World. It is the hotel of leisure travel, tour and business conference, as well as mutil-functional hotel which is built according to 4 -star standard. It has the convenient transportation, adjacent to the "Shihua" exit of "South China Express Line" and "Beltway ".

♦ Calvin Hotel Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Calvin Hotel GuangzhouCalvin Hotel Guangzhou located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain in Guangzhou, close to the Guangzhou Gymnasium, Guangzhou is an important gateway to do the business and tourist attractions. 1km from the West gate of Baiyun International Convention Centre, 15 minutes by foot; 2 km from the West gate of Baiyun Mountain, about 5 minutes by taxi; 1.2km from Baixin square, 15-20 minutes by foot; 3 km from the Guangzhou Gymnasium, about 10 minutes by taxi; 6.5 km from Guangzhou Bus Station, about 15 minutes by taxi; 28km from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, about 35 minutes by taxi; 8 km from Guangzhou Railway Station, about 20 minutes by taxi; 13 km from the Guangzhou East Railway Station, about 25 minutes by taxi. - Guangzhou Calvin has novel design, unique model, luxury decoration. Located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain, the junction of Baiyun Avenue and Qifu Road, the south of Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Centre, from the airport high-speed entrance is about 2 km, has convenient transportation, walking distance to the Guangzhou International Convention Center. Which is an important gateway to do the business and tourist attractions. Hotel has rich cultural and artistic atmosphere, spacious and beautiful environment.

♦ Aiqun Hotel ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Aiqun Hotel ,GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 2.51km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):7.09km; distance from railway station: 4.48km, distance from east railway station:12.15km; distance from new baiyun airport:28.95km; distance from pazhou exhibition:12.61km, distance from liuhua exhibition:3.79km surrounding scenic spots: Pearl river, south shopping building, pearl theater, culture park. - Located at the downtown area of Guangzhou near the Pearl River Bank, it is convenient to go shopping and sight-seeing.

♦ Jinying Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
Jinying Hotel, GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 2.35km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):4.21km; distance from railway station: 4.06km, distance from east railway station:7.48km; distance from new baiyun airport:29.21km; distance from pazhou exhibition:11.63km, distance from liuhua exhibition:3.21km - The hotel is located at Huanshi Road, one of the city center's most flourishing commercial streets. It is only 3kms from Guangzhou railway station and 25kms from Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport.

♦ Renhe Good East Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Renhe Good East Hotel, GuangzhouDistance from the airport (km): 3 Distance from the Guangzhou Railway Station (km): 30 Distance from the city centre (km): 33 Distance from the New Baiyun International Airport(km): 3 - Good East Hotel is located at RenHe area in GuangZhou, It is away from the new airport 5 minutes way by car.Convenient communications, the customers from airport can take our free shuttle bus to and fro.

♦ Guangzhou Gardford Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou Gardford HotelThe Ka Ying Hotel is located 20kms away from the city center, 35kms away from the airport and 6kms from the railway station. - The hotel is conveniently located at Huanshi Dong Road in Guangzhou, the busiest section of the city.There are several restaurants in the hotel serving a wide range of Chinese and western cuisines. Far-East flavor is provided in the Japanese dining cafe, European food in the Marriott Cafe, and Traditional Chinese seafood of Chaozhou style in the Chaozhou Restaurant.

♦ Majestic Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Majestic Hotel, GuangzhouIt is about 9kms from the hotel to the Canton Fair. Located 43kms to the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Only 3kms to the Guangzhou-Kowloon Station. 10.5kms to the Guangzhou Railway Station. 10kms to the Night Cruise on Pearl River. 15kms to the Chen Family Temple. 8kms to the Dr. Su Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. 8.5 kms to downtown, 1km to Tianhe sports center.Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 12 Minutes by car. Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 20 Minutes by car. Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 7km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 9.5km. - Located at the busiest business area of Guangzhou and adjacent to the Guangzhou-Kowloon Railway Station.

♦ New Pearl River Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆☆
New Pearl River Hotel, GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 6.37km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):7.01km; distance from railway station: 8.35km, distance from east railway station:12.16km; distance from new baiyun airport: 36.08 km; distance from pazhou exhibition:7.6km, distance from liuhua exhibition:7.66km - The New Canton Trade Fair Hall will be in close proximity with the Hotel. This hotel is one of your best choices for friendly and efficient service at affordable rates.

♦ Guangzhou ShangJiuWang Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou ShangJiuWang HotelDistance from city center: 1.5km, distance from railway station: 10km, distance from airport: 31km, - Shangjiuwan Hotel is located at No. 46, Shangjiu, Road, just at the eastern end of historical Shangxiajiu Commercial Pedestrian Street, with famous scenic sites, well-known restaurants, sorts of wholesale market around it.

♦ Sino Trade Center, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Sino Trade Center, GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 2.05km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):6.4km; distance from railway station: 1.38km, distance from east railway station:10.17km; distance from new baiyun airport:26.91km; distance from pazhou exhibition:12.61km, distance from liuhua exhibition:0.94km - Sino Trade Center Guangzhou is a three star hotel located near the city center and close to the Canton Fair site, railway station and the airport.

♦ Vienna hotel (Guangzhou Dekang Road ) ☆☆
Vienna hotel (Guangzhou Dekang Road )- 2 km to Sanyuanli Subway Station; - 5 km to Baiyun Mountain Scenic Sport; - 5 km to Guangzhou Railway Station; - 6 km to Yuexiu Park; - 12 km to Guangzhou East Railway Station; - 35 km to Guangzhou South Railway Station; - 26 km to New Baiyun Airport. - Vienna hotel (Guangzhou Dekang Road ) is located at the intersection of Sanyuanli Avenue and Dekang Road, close to Guangzhou Railway Station, subway station.

♦ Jianghe Hotel ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Jianghe Hotel ,GuangzhouThe distance from the city center:0.5 kms, from railway station:0.5km, from exibition center:5kms, from the airport:30km, from the wharf:3km, to the nearest scenic spots:3km surrounding spots: Zhongxin square, east railway staion, Tianhe sports center, Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 12 Minutes by car. Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 15 Minutes by car. Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 6km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 8km. - Jianghe Hotel is situated at 31 Tianshou Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, very close to the East Railway Station, the Tianhe Sports Center and the CITIC Plaza; adjacent to the Tianhe Shopping Center.

♦ Huanghuagang Blue Sky Hotel ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Huanghuagang Blue Sky Hotel ,GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 3.96km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):1.42km; distance from railway station: 5.62km, distance from east railway station:4.5km; distance from new baiyun airport:30.43km; distance from pazhou exhibition:9.56km, distance from liuhua exhibition:4.77km - Blue Sky Hotel is a newly decorated synthetic modern sub 4-star hotel. Situated at Middle Xianlie Road, to the east of Quzhuang Overpass, the hotel covers an area of 5000sm and is well known as " the garden within garden" .

♦ Daysun Park Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Daysun Park Hotel, Guangzhou10 minutes to Guangzhou East railway station; 30 minutes to Dongguang, Shenzhen and Hongkong by express railway. 5 minutes to Pazhou International exhibition center 35 minutes to Guangzhou new Baiyun international airport, Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 10 Minutes by car. Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 25 Minutes by car. - Located in the heart of Tianhe District of Guangzhou, Daysun Park Hotel is just opposite to Tianhe Park, an oasis of the city. From hotel rooms, you can have a bird' s eye view for the whole Tianhe Park and breathe the fresh air of the nature. Seamlessly blending noble elegance with royal opulence, the Daysun Park Hotel features advanced accommodation, food & beverage, leisure and business facilities. The 4-star business and exhibition-oriented hotel is known for its sole international standard management in the area. Without doubt, the hotel is your best choice for your business staying at Guangzhou.

♦ Raystar Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆☆
Raystar Hotel, Guangzhoudistance from airport:48 kilometers distance from Guangzhou railway station:15 kilometers distance from city center:13 kilometers distance from Dongpu square:1.5 kilometers - Guangzhou Raystar Hotel is located at No 95 Chebo road Tianhe zone, Guangzhou city( next to Yichu lotus shopping center), link up Huangpu big avenue and Zhongshan road, north is Guangyuan speed road. Science town, world sight, space sight, Olympic gym center is close at hand, adjacent to Tianhe software garden and Tianhe park, the traffic is very convenient.

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