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Canton Hotels Guangzhou

Ocean Plaza Apartment Guangzhou
Rihang Hotel, Guangzhou
 Ramada Pearl Hotel Guangzhou
QiFu Resort Center GuangZhou
Globelink Hotel, Guangzhou
Guangdong Foreign Business Club & Hotel
NanFang YiYuan Hotel Guangzhou
♦ Guangzhou Baolifeng Hotel ☆☆
Guangzhou Baolifeng HotelDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 3.83km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):9.68km; distance from railway station: 6.41km, distance from east railway station:14.34km; distance from new baiyun airport:38.26km; distance from pazhou exhibition:12.58km, distance from liuhua exhibition:5.22km - Guangzhou Baolifeng Hotel (3-star foreign-related) is located at the flourishing area of Guangzhou Haizhu District. It is facing the Digital town across the river, and adjacent to the White Goose Pond, Sand-covered Island and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street.

♦ CITS Hotel, Guangdong (Baiyun City Hotel) ☆☆☆
CITS Hotel, Guangdong (Baiyun City Hotel)Distance from city center(yuexiu area): 3.25km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):5.27km; distance from railway station: 0.2km, distance from east railway station:9.26km; distance from new baiyun airport:25.79km; distance from pazhou exhibition:18.39km, distance from liuhua exhibition:10km - The hotel is a big asset of the Guangdong Tourism Bureau. It runs the Guangzhou City Youth Hostel, which is a chain hostel under Hostelling international.Around it there are big commodity markets, Chinese export commodity fair, airport ticket selling, Guangdong tourism bureau holiday, Caonuan park.

♦ Guangdong Shamian Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangdong Shamian HotelDistance from the airport: 11km, Distance from the railway station: 6km, Distance from the city center: 2.5km, To Business Street in Xiajiu Road: 1km The view around: the sand Park, Cultural Park, Nine pedestrian streets.Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 18km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 18km. - Along with the White Swan Hotel and the U.S. Consulate, the Guangdong Shamian Hotel lies on the Shamian Island --No.52, Southern Shamian Street. It is just 100 meters away from the U.S. Consulate.

♦ Guangzhou Huahai Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou Huahai HotelDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 4.77km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):7.61km; distance from railway station: 8.15km, distance from east railway station:12.72km; distance from new baiyun airport: 36.64km; distance from pazhou exhibition:10.21km, distance from liuhua exhibition:7.13km - The Guangzhou Hua Hai Hotel is a 3-Star hotel located at the south bank of the beautiful Pearl River, in downtown of Hai Zhu District.

♦ New World Hotel Guangzhou ☆☆☆
New World Hotel GuangzhouDistance from the airport ( Kilometer ) : 7 Distance from the railway station ( Kilometer ) : 2.5 Distance from the city center ( Kilometer ) : 3 Distance from Pazhou Exhibition Hall 10km, Distance from Liuhua Exhibition Hall 2km. views around: Guangxiao Temple, six banyan temple, the shrine, nine shopping precinct from head to foot, Beijing Road shopping precinct, China trade Fair - Located at the downtown business and travel area of Ren Ming Road in North GuangZhou, close to China Export fair center and the Guangzhou Railway Station.

♦ Yuncheng Hotel Guangzhou ☆☆
Yuncheng Hotel Guangzhou- 3-min walk to jianfa plaza; - 4.5 km to railway station; - 9 km to east railway station; - 22 km to pazhou international convention center; - 26 km to new baiyun international airport - Hotel diligently interpretate the service concept of the boutique hotels. Various room are spacious and comfortable, with complete supporting facilities, considerate service, elegant & tranquil environment. Staying in this hotel you can enjoy a noble and attentive personalized service provided by hotel. It's the best choice for your business activities and tour rest.

♦ Guangzhou Pearl Garden Hotel ☆☆☆☆
Guangzhou Pearl Garden HotelThe hotel offers a free shuttle bus to both trade fair complexes during the Canton Fair. It is 25 minutes to Pazhou complex and 30 minutes to LiuHua complex. It is only 20 minutes to Guangzhou's CBD, Tianhe North Road, which is also convenient to the city center. Three buses can drive you to Hongkong Airport everyday. The Airport Express Bus starts from our hotel every 45 minute which can drive you to Gaungzhou Baiyun Airport. - The Pearl Garden Hotel is located at the business center of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District. It is a famous informational business hotel in Guangzhou, which has been arwarded the "Best Intelligent Business Hotel in China" and "The Top 10 City-Nova Hotels of China". Both of the Chinese & Restautants were awarded "The Top 100 Best" Food Beverage Enterprises In Guangzhou.

♦ Guang Tao Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
Guang Tao Hotel, GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 10.48km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):7.2km; distance from railway station: 13.77km, distance from east railway station:12.14km; distance from new baiyun airport: 40.13 km; distance from pazhou exhibition:5.5km, distance from liuhua exhibition:11.77km - Guang Tao Hotel is a 2 star hotel decorated according to the International 4-star hotel standards. It is located at the central area of the Pazhou Exhibition centre.

♦ New Aisa Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
New Aisa Hotel, GuangzhouThe hotel is located in the city center, there are many business centers around it. About 40 kilometers to Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport. 6 kilometers to the railway station. 2.5 kilometers to the Haizhu Square. - New Asia Hotel, built according to two star international standards, is located at South Renmin Road. Its transportation is very convenient. It faces the beautiful Pearl River to the south and connects with the long Dam, a ten-mile shopping street. Our hotel is close to the busy area of Shang-xia Jiu Road, surrounded by stores, restaurants, culture sites and recreation centers.

♦ Ginza Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Ginza Hotel, GuangzhouTo the downtown and Pazhou complex: 20minutes To Nansha harbor and Lianhua harbor: 18minutes - Ginza Hotel is set up according to three-star hotel standards. The hotel is located on Yushan Avenue, Panyu District. It is only 10minutes to the subway and Yifa Commercial Street, and Baiyue Squre. There are 102rooms designed with European style. Besides KTV and other entertainment facilitie are all available.

♦ Guangdong Tianhao Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangdong Tianhao Hotelfrom the Pazhou Pavilion 5 minutes by car, east from Tianhe City Shopping Centre and Sports Centre City Shopping Centre and 10 minutes drive, from the CITIC Plaza and Guangzhou East Railway Station 12 minutes by car. - Guangdong Tianhao hotel is a large commerce and leisure one-stop hotel, it take " the water culture, the running water keeping in good health" as a subject .The hotel catchment treatment, health care, massage rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants, chess & sign, peace and happiness is a body, management area nearly 200, 000 surface feet, invest over a billion Yuan, by the well-known leisure hotel designer the hotel which makes carefully according to four star-level standards, which makes carefully according to four star-level standards by the well-known designer.

♦ Desense Hotel Guang Dong ☆☆☆
Desense Hotel Guang DongAway from the city center: 5 KM; Away from the railway station:25 KM; Away from the airport: 28 KM - The hotel owns 260 sets of deluxe guest rooms. It is designed by European master. All the guest rooms are equipped with internet access.

♦ Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel ☆☆
Guangzhou Xuelong HotelTo the Guangzhou Railway Station East: 3km, about 7 minutes drive To the Guangzhou International Convention Exhibition Center: 3km, about 7 minutes drive To the Guangzhou Railway station: 10km, about 15 minutes drive To Baiyu Airport: 50km, about 40 minutes drive - Guangzhou Xuelong Hotel, a Three-star business-economy hotel for domestic and oversea businessmen, is located in Tianhe district, the new centre of economy and culture of Guangzhou, adjacent to Guangzhou East Railway Station, KCRC and Tianhe Sports Center.The largest shopping heaven, Teem Plaza and Grand Mall convenient to transportation, it is only 10 minutes to Guangzhou Convention Exhibition Center and 40 minutes to New Baiyun Airport.

♦ A8 Hotel Guangzhou Dade Road Branch ☆☆
A8 Hotel Guangzhou Dade Road BranchTo Downtown: 0Km To Railway Station: 7Km To Airport: 35Km Surrounding: Beijing Road, Shangxiajiu Walking Streets, Haizhu Square, New Pearl River Night Cruise. - A8 Hotel- Guangzhou Dade Road is located just at the intersection of Jiefang South Road and Dade Road in the heart of the city's commercial and travel area. The hotel faces Haizhu Square and Metro Line 2 to the east, Jiefang Bridge to the south, and Zhushuiqingbo (one of the eight major views in Guangzhou) to the west. The hotel enjoys a wonderful location and convenient transportation.

♦ Hengdong Commercial Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
Hengdong Commercial Hotel, GuangzhouIt is situated on the Zhongshan AV. , Tianhe District, located in the Guangzhou newest CBD commercial centre with convenient transportation, only 30-minute drive to Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport, 10-minute drive to Guangzhou Train East Station, and 5-minute drive to Guangzhou Export Commodities Fair. To city center: 1km To airport: 30kms To railway station: 4kms To pazhou conferenceand exhibition center: 2kms - The hengdong commercial hotel is a brand-new 3-star standard fitment hotel, managed by meiyi hotel management company limited.

♦ PANYU MIRAMAR HOTEL ,Guangzhou ☆☆☆
PANYU MIRAMAR HOTEL ,GuangzhouAbout 20 mintues to Pazhou International Conference Centre About 50 mintues to the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport About 45 mintues to the Nansha Terminal About 20 mintues to the Mountain Lotus or the Terminal About 20 mintues to the Bao Moyuan About 15 mintues to the Chime Long About 5 mintues to the Subway Line 3 (Panyu Square) - Panyu Miramar Hotel is a business-type star hotel. The hotel located in the heart of Panyu District, Guangzhou City; 30 minutes' driving distance from Guangzhou downtown. Adjacent to the Lotus Mountain Scenic Area, Bao Moyuan, Chime-Long Paradise, Xiangjiang wild animal Zoo. Miramar Hotel with housing, dining, entertainment, sauna as one system, is an ideal choice for business, conferences, travel and leisure.

♦ Guangzhou XiangHe Hotel ☆☆
Guangzhou XiangHe Hotel -

♦ Yinhaigang Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
Yinhaigang Hotel, GuangzhouDowntown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 5 km Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 1.2 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 35 km - The Yinhaigang Hotel (Guangzhou Yinhaigang Binguan) is located at the foot of Baiyun Mountain in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou. Nearby attractions include the Tianhe shopping center, Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou Zoo, East Railway Station and Beijing Road shopping area. It is about 40 kilometers from Baiyun International Airport.

♦ Zhengjia Hotel - Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Zhengjia Hotel - GuangzhouDowntown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 30 km Railway Station Guangzhou East Railway Station 20 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 40 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 40 km - Guangzhou Zhengjia Hotel is located in New World Plaza (Exit C of the No.3 Line of Tonghe Subway), No.6, Beixiegang, Guangzhou Avenue. Designed in line with the national standard for four-star hotels, Zhengjia Hotel is a high-grade business (chain) hotel integrating lodging, meeting and shopping under Zhengjia Hotel Co., Ltd. It is merely 30-minute drive from Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and 20-minute drive from the new Baiyun International Airport. With New World Plaza, Grandbuy Department Store, Modern Shopping Center, Jusco and Trust-Mart near at hand, Zhengjia Hotel enjoys an advantaged geographic position.
Check-in: 2019-04-20 check-out: 2019-04-21
Warmth Big Bed Room 45.00 USD
Superior Big Bed Room 48.00 USD

♦ Guangzhou Kingsky Hotel ☆☆
Guangzhou Kingsky HotelThe hotel is lcoated in the intersection of Guangtang Xihe Zhengfao and Xingnan Avenue. 25.2 km from Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street; 16.88 km from South Guangzhou Railway Station; 29.6 km from Guangzhou Railway Station; 56.4 km from Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport. - Kingsky Hotel is characteristic hotel with theme of wilderness ecosystem. The hotel has mountain view, with perennial green and flower in Four Seasons, guests can experience the sound of insects and birds like in the nature. Kingsky Hotel integrates accommodation, leisure health, catering and entertainment, it has perfect supporting facilities.

♦ JinYaTai business hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆
JinYaTai business hotel, GuangzhouDowntown Beijing Lu Pedestrian Street 14 km Railway Station Guangzhou Railway Station 15 km Airport Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport 25 km - JinYaTai business hotel is located in the guangzhou baiyun district CongYun road 982, the hotel is a four-star standard decoration, the Chinese and western, the whole building into Europe type style, all show classic with contemporary perfect combination of beauty. The hotel has various luxurious guest room more than 100, guest room arrangement elegant nobility, luxurious atmosphere, let you feel valued. The central air conditioning, hd wall hung LCD TV, broadband Internet access, business center, large parking lot, multi-functional conference rooms, is your business reception, meeting the best choice of the negotiation.

♦ Zhu Ying Garden Hotel,Guangzhou ☆☆
Zhu Ying Garden Hotel,GuangzhouDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 8.57km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):5.28km; distance from railway station: 11.86km, distance from east railway station:7.23km; distance from new baiyun airport: 42.89 km; distance from pazhou exhibition:5.67km, distance from liuhua exhibition:9.85km - Pearl River Movie Studio Garden Hotel is an extraordinary three star garden hotel in the hustle and bustle city, which is attached to the national famous Pearl River Movie Studio Company. It is a brand-new garden hotel combining classic style with modern one. Located beside the Pearl River, close to the Metro interchange station Kecun Station of Line 2 and Line 3, and near the Commodities Fair (Pazhou) complex, it has convenient transportation. The hotel is reputated for its exquisite and peaceful environment with a cultural atmosphere of Ming-Qing Dynasty archaized decoration style and scene recurrence of the hotel. Furthermore, it has modern facilities, and is the top choice for business trip, tourism and conference.

♦ Guangzhou Fu Hao Hotel ☆☆
Guangzhou Fu Hao HotelDistance from city center(yuexiu area): 1.04km, Distance from city center(tianhe area):4.24km; distance from railway station: 3.55km, distance from east railway station:7.51km; distance from new baiyun airport:28.27km; distance from pazhou exhibition:12.42km, distance from liuhua exhibition:2.86km - The Hotel is located near central Guangzhou, near the Beijing Road shopping area.

♦ Fengnian Hotel, Guangzhou ☆☆☆
Fengnian Hotel, GuangzhouTo the railway station: 5km To the airport: 40km To the Liuhua exhibition center: 4km To the Pazhou exhibition center: 16km - 5km from the railway station, 40km from the airport, 4km from the Liuhua Exhibition center and 16km from Pazhou Exhibition center. The hotel is with fresh and elegant natural environment, advanced geographical position and convenient transportation.

♦ Guangzhou YueHai Hotel ☆☆☆
Guangzhou YueHai HotelAway from the airport: 43km Away from the railway station: 9km Away from the downtown: 1km - Guangzhou YueHai Hotel is established according to the standard of four-star business hotel. Designed by academician Mo Bozhi, the hotel is located in Shamian Island, the national cultural heritage reservation as well as tourist attraction. Not only does Customs Hotel be named as the best place for inhabitation but it is regarded as the base for politicians. Since the American Consul and the Poland consul are located in the same street as well, the hotel is the best choice for those who apply for visa and oversea study.

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