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    Canton Hotels
Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
President Hotel, Guangzhou
Imperial Traders Hotel,Guangzhou
South America Grand Hotel,Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tianyue hotel
Guangzhou Good International Hotel
Royal Marina Plaza ,Guangzhou
Oriental Resort Guangzhou
River Rhythm Hotel ,Guangzhou
Grand Peak Hotel, Guangzhou
Cheerful Hotel Guangzhou
Landmark International Hotel Science City ,Guangzhou
Crowne Plaza City Centre ,Guangzhou
Winton Hotel,Guangzhou

Tourist Information 1

• Major Restaurants of Guangzhou
Guangzhou Restaurant 2 wenchang South Road
Panxi Restaurant 151 Dongjin West Road
North Garden Restaurant 202 Little North Road
Datong Restaurant 63 Yangjiang West Road
Taotaoju Restaurant 20 Dishifu Road
Lotus Fragrance Building 67 Dishitu Road
East Mountain Restaurant 1 Guigang Roac
Guangdong Guest House 603 Jiefang North Road
Luming Restaurant Lakeside, Foot of Baiyun Mountain
Jubao Restaurant 188 Beijing Road

Tourist Information 2

• Telephone in common use
Area code for long distance call 020   Complaint telephone for touring in Guangzhou 86666666
Guangzhou Tourism Promotion Center 38821800 Inquiry Office of Guangzhou RAILWAY Station 86682043/
Tourism SOS telephone 86666330 Inquiry telephone for touring in Guangzhou 83352856
Zhoutouzui Passenger Terminal 84448128 Booking telephone of Jinlun Taxi 81889958
Dashatou Passenger Terminal 83833691 Ticket Office of Guangzhou Civil Aviation 86130088
Guangdong People's Hospital 83827812 Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital 83992090
Guangzhou Post Office 11185 Guangdong Tourism Automobile Co. 86563417
Police call number 110 Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. 83150411
First aid number 120 Inquiry Office of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport 96060
Weather inquiry 121 Bank of China Guangzhou Branch 83340998
Complaint telephone for touring in Guangdong Province     86681163

• Consulates of foreign countries in Guangzhou
General Consulate of Denmark in Guangzhou 86660795
General Consulate of South Korea in Guangzhou 38870555-102
General Consulate of Britain in Guangzhou 83336520
General Consulate of Holland in Guangzhou 83302067-206
General Consulate of U.S.A in Guangzhou 81218000
General Consulate of Canada in Guangzhou 86660569
General Consulate of France in Guangzhou 83303405
General Consulate of Niger in Guangzhou 87672448
General Consulate of Sweden in Gudngzhou 83310976
General Consulate of Cambodia in Guangzhou 83879005
General Consulate of Vietnam in Guangzhou 83305911
General Consulate of Italy in Guangzhou 38770556
General Consulate of Thailand in Guangzhou 83804277
General Consulate of Philippines in Guangzhou 83311461
General Consulate of Germany in Guangzhou 83306533
General Consulate of Australia in Guangzhou 83355911
General Consulate of Polan in Guangzhou 81219993
General Consulate of Malaysia in Guangzhou 87395660
General Consulate of Japan in Guangzhou 83343009
General Consulate of Indonesia in Guangzhou 86018772
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