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Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
President Hotel, Guangzhou
Imperial Traders Hotel,Guangzhou
South America Grand Hotel,Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tianyue hotel
Guangzhou Good International Hotel
Royal Marina Plaza ,Guangzhou
Oriental Resort Guangzhou
River Rhythm Hotel ,Guangzhou
Grand Peak Hotel, Guangzhou
Cheerful Hotel Guangzhou
Landmark International Hotel Science City ,Guangzhou
Crowne Plaza City Centre ,Guangzhou
Winton Hotel,Guangzhou

Guangzhou Shopping

Following China's open-door policy and reform, Guangzhou has become a "shoppers paradise" which is playing a key role in the economic development of China. Here, you will find a comprehensive range of up-to-the-minute goods to satisfy your unique tastes. Affordable, top quality household appliances, daily necessities and clothing have all made Guangzhou a must-visit destination for shoppers from all over China.

• Shopping recommendation
Be sure to buy some local souvenirs such as herbal tea, soup cooking materials or Cantonese Yue embroidery, pottery or sculpture to remind you of yours stay in Guangzhou.

• Traditional Cantonese Goods
- Cantonese Sculpture: Choices include Ivory, Jade, Wood and Zengcheng-style Olive-core sculptures
- Cantonese pottery: Make a colorful history dating back more than 300 years
- Cantonese or Yue embroidery: Yue, Su, Xiang and ChuanXiu are the lour famous embroidery styles in China
- Cantonese cured meats: Make a wonderful snack or treat for friends
- Traditional-Style Cantonese dark soy sauce: Guangzhou's favourite seasoning
- Oyster sauce: A firm favourite with diners in Guangdong
- Traditional Cantonese moon cake: Guangzhou is famed for its moon cakes
- Wang Laoji cool herbal tea: A wonderfully efficacious Chinese patent medicine
- Bao ji Wan: A very effective Chinese patent medicine which was invented by Mr. Li Zhaoji of die Lizhongsheng Tang drugstore in Foshan.
- Pangaoshou Chuangbei Pipa Lu: A Chinese patent medicine which was first invented by Mr. Pan Yusheng 1928.

• Excellent fruits of Ninglan
- Litchi: includes Zengcheng Gualu, Nuomichi, Feizixiao and Guiwei litchis
- Banana: includes Shabu and Hong Zui Lu Ying Ge bananas
- Carambola (Star fruit): Also known as Wu Lianzi, Tian Tao, Yang Tao and arbor with green.
- Pawpaw: Also called the western pawpaw
- Pineapple: Originally into Guangzhou in the 16th century from Brazil and Paraguay
- Longan: Also known as Guiyuan, Evergreen arbor
- Mango: Also known as Meng guo
- Guava: First brought to Guangzhou from America more than 200 years ago
- Wampee: Also known as Huangdan or Evergreen arbor

Photo of Guangzhou Shopping

Ivory Sculpture Jade Sculpture Zengcheng-style Olive-core sculpture
Cantonese pottery Litchi carambola
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