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Royal Marina Plaza ,Guangzhou
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Cheerful Hotel Guangzhou
Landmark International Hotel Science City ,Guangzhou
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Winton Hotel,Guangzhou

Eight Attractions of Guangzhou

• Chen Jia Ci
Chen Jia Ci (or Chen Clan Academy), is a Guangdong folk and handicraft museum, which is situated near to the Zhongshan Qi Road Chen Jia Ci subway station in Li Wan District.
The museum was built in 1890 with donations from members of the Chen family from 72 different counties of Guangdong province.
Occupying an area of 15,000 square meters, the temple has a rectangular main building six courtyards, nine main halls and nineteen other buildings and is renowned for its traditional Guandong architectural style and beautiful decorations. In the temple, you will see many artistically important recreations of many historical figures, legends, and scenes. The art forms used include wood, brick, pottery, stone carving and lime carvings, as well as clay, ash sculptures, brass and cast iron grottos and new year paintings.
In 1959, Chen Clay Academy became a folk art museum and began collecting, preserving, researching and promoting the folk arts and handicrafts of the Guangdong area. In addition to displays of [lottery, carving, embroidery and tea art, the museum has special showrooms devoted to modern furniture, calligraphy, painting and Chinese writing brushes, inks, sticks, ink slabs and paper.

- Transportation Route: Take subway and get off at Chen Jiaci station; Take bus No.85, 88, 104, 107, 128, 268 and get off at Chen jiaci station.   (Ticket: RMB 10     Opening hours: 8:30-17:30)

• Guangdong Olympia Stadium Center
Built at a cost of RMB 1.67 billion for the 9th National Athletics Games, the Stadium is situated in Tian He District and is the Huang Cun Sports Training Base for Guangdong Province. The many unique features here include the first ribbon type roof and. 21 stands whose eye-catching petal designs and colours make the stadium resemble the flower of the city of Kapok. The stadium is one of the 'Eight Attractions of Guangzhou'.

- Transportation Route: Take bus No. 23, 50, 41, 60, 296, 548, 549.   (Tickets: RMB 5     Openinghours: 8:00-17:00)

• Zhen Hai Lou
Also known as the Five-Storey Pagoda, this the only complete remaining section of the ancient city wall. The 25 metre tall, 31 metre wide and 16 metre deep tower was built on the orders of Zhu Liang/.u, the Yongjia Marquis of (he Ming Dynasty (136X-1644). The unique design and consliuclion of the tower's lloor has been used as the symbol of Guangzhou since the days of the Qing Dynasty. The tower remains a must-see attraction for locals and tourists to this day.

- Tansportation Route: Take bus No. 5, 6, 10, 21, 24 and get off at Yuexiu Park station.   (Ticket: RMB 10     Opening hours: 9:00-17:00)

• Baiyun Mountain
Located to the north of the city, Baiyun Mountain is known as the 'first mountain of Southern Yue' and is the most spectacular of the 30 peaks that make up the Nan Kun mountain range. The range stretches from Ma An Ridge in the north to the Gui Hua Hummock in the south, and reaches as far east as GuangCong Road and as far west as Mo Dao Keng Road.
One of the most historic and scenic of Guangzhou's 'Eight Attractions', Baiyun Mountain is home to fascinating historical relics such Nengren Temple and the Nine-dragon Spring. It also plays host to newer scenic spots such as Peak Park, North Mountain Park, Village Hostel, Double Streams Villa, Songtao Courtyard and Nan I In Amusement Park. Built on the shores of Da Jin Zhong Reservoir's Lu Hu Lake, the newly built Ming Chun Valley has a spectacular I2.5K square kilometre natural birdcage and was opened in October 1989. The superb calligraphy and poetry collections in the nearby Forest of Steles and Yuntai Garden arc other recent attractions and were opened in October 1994 and September 1995 respectively.

- Transportation Route: Bus 199, 223, 24, 36, 285 and 540 arrive at Baiyun cableway.   (Ticket: RMB 5, RMB 5 (motorcycle), RMB 10 (car), RMB 15 (van & bus)     Opening hours: 24hrs)

• Day and night cruise along the Pearl River
The Guangzhou section of the Pearl River is a long scenic corridor with fascinating sights on both banks. Consequently, a river tour is a must for all visitors to Guangzhou!
- Traditional tour: Cruise from Guangzhou Bridge to Bai Pond
- Exclusive one night tour: Cruise overnight from Guangzhou Bridge to Bai Pond and Huang Pu Port
- DIY tour: Tailor your own cruise itinerary from: Around Hai Zhu Island; Lian Hua Mountain; Huang Pu Military Academy; Taipin; Hu Men I-day tour; and other long-distance tours such as: Zhu Hai, Zhao Qing, Yue City, Feng Kai and Wu Zhou, etc

- Transportation Route: Take bus No. 182, 184, 188, 192, 194, 125, 551, 12, 18, 36, 44, 287, 128, 208, 277, 546, 61, 80, 543 and get off at Dashatou port station.   (Adress: Dashatou Port, Yanjiang Road)

• Huang Hua Gang 72 martyrs Cemetery
Located in Xian Lie Zhong Road at the north foot of Baiyun Mountain, this 16 square kilometre park commemorates the 72 martyrs from Sun Yat Xian's Chinese federal army who lost their lives in the Guangzhou rebellion. After the foundation of the People's Republic of China, the cemetery was transformed into a memorial park and renamed Huang Hua (yellow flowers under the great moon). It is now one of Guangzhou's 'Eight Attractions'.
- Transportation Route: Route 6, 11, 16, 27, 65, 122, 223, 72, 192 bus, leaving at Huang Hua Gang station.   (Ticket: RMB 8    Open hour: 9:00-17:00)

• East Train Station Square
Covering 47,000 square metres in the heart of Guangzhou, the East Station Train Station Square is one of Guangzhou's 'Eight Attractions'. Surrounded by 260,000 square metres of lush greenery, this is a wonderful environment rich with the fragrance of traditional Canton flowers and alive with the soothing splash of a beautiful waterfall.

- Transportation Route: Take bus No. 41, 45, 60, 62, 63.   (Address: East Train Station Square, Tianhe)

• Ocean view at the Lotus Hill
Located in the Shi Zhi Yang area at the mouth of the Pearl River, Lian Hua Shan (or Lotus Hill) is an ancient, 2.23 square kilometre stone quarry dating back more than 2,000 years. This picturesque area is almost as famous for its perfect stone-carved handicrafts and relics as the Shi Lin (stone forest) in Yunnan province. Atop one of the surrounding hills stands Lian Hua Ta (lotus tower), which offers climbers spectacular views of the Pearl River and the many paths that criss-cross the surrounding rural farmland. Other attractions include a 40.88 metre-tall statue of the 'Sea Goddess of Mercy', the world's largest gold foil covered bronze statue. The ancient pavilion of this Goddess is also the largest of its kind in the world and contains around 1,000 statues.

- Transportation: Taking bus at Da Ji Tou of Hai Zhu District, or Huan Shi Road central bus station, or Guangzhou Avenue to Shi Qiao of Pan Yu, RMB 6-10, then tranfer to special line with around RMB 3-4; taking boat at GuangZhou Da Zhong Lou (Clock Tower).   (Ticket: RMB30, plus RMB2 for climing the tower, plus RMB3 for the Lotus City)
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