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    Canton Hotels
Lido Hotel, Guangzhou
Liuhua Hotel ,Guangzhou
President Hotel, Guangzhou
Imperial Traders Hotel,Guangzhou
South America Grand Hotel,Guangzhou
Guangzhou Tianyue hotel
Guangzhou Good International Hotel
Royal Marina Plaza ,Guangzhou
Oriental Resort Guangzhou
River Rhythm Hotel ,Guangzhou
Grand Peak Hotel, Guangzhou
Cheerful Hotel Guangzhou
Landmark International Hotel Science City ,Guangzhou
Crowne Plaza City Centre ,Guangzhou
Winton Hotel,Guangzhou

Other Scenic Spots of Guangzhou

• The Zhongshan Memorial Hall
Located at Donfengzhong road near to the southern slope of Yuexiu Mountain, The Zhongshan Memorial Halt is one of the most important and fascinating cultural relics in Guangdong Province. During the Qing Dynasty, this building was used as a Training Center. It subsequently acted as an inspector institute after the Xinhai Revolution. When he assumed the Presidency in 1922 Mr Sun Yat-sen set up his presidential palace on the site. In June of that same year, the palace was leveled by a rebellious warlord called Chen Jiongming. When Sun Yat-sen died of an illness in Beijing in 1925, the people of Guangzhou commemorated his great contribution to China's history by building a memorial hall on the site of the old presidential palace. The memorial hall was designed by legendary Chinese architect Mr. Lu Yanzhen. Construction on the project started in 1929 and was completed in October,1931.
- Opening Hours: 8:00- 18:00

• Huangpu Military Academy
Situated on Changzhou island in the Huangpu district, this military academy was established by Sun Yat-sen with the assistance of the Communist Party of China and the Soviet Union during the period of first cooperation between the Kuominlang and the Communist Party. Many famous generals from both parties received their training here. Today, the military academy is home to the Zhongshan monument, the Zhongshan former residence, a military academy club, and the eastward fight martyr's tomb, all of which enjoy key cultural relic status and state protection.
- Opening Hours: 9:00- 17:00, Close every Monday
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